Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixers

Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixers

Stainless Steel Sink Mixers When it comes to the best quality in kitchen sink mixers you can not look any further than stainless steel as a material to build them from.

Stainless Steel it is a solid material not like brushed steel which is a thin coating that is laid on top of the brass body of a tap.

If stainless steel is ever damaged or tarnished it can simply be polished out, it also has very good hygiene properties which is why they are used in the medical industry.

Tapstore have launched a deal to bring in high quality sink taps and mixers into the UK from MGS one of the very few manufacturers that make stainless steel products.

The designs are breath taking and the engineering is of the highest quality so if you want the most used product in your home to last then you need to look no further than a MGS sink mixer.

They are available in both polished and satin (brushed) stainless steel. With prices starting from just £297.00.

To View the whole range now available click here.

Interesting fact

Stainless steel is a solid material in the same way that your cutlery would be.

Brushed steel and Brushed nickel are both coatings, these are micro-millimetre thick electroplating coats laid on to of solid brass.

So if you want the best quality then Stainless is the word to look for.


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