Ono Highflex By KWC


The Ono Highflex kitchen sink mixer by KWC with a swivel spout and pre-rinse spray is a semi professional kitchen tap, a stunning example of quality and design mixed together to give you the form and function required to highlight your kitchen tap as a great center piece. It has a flexible spout that reforms after use to its original position and is made to be easily cleaned with its smooth sheathing. The spray handset gives you a jet spray and a fine jet spray pattern which is selected by the solid lever on the spray head itself. It also has a unique magnetic spray holder to receive the handset.



On the handle there is a filigree lever made from hardened steel to make it the finest possible control for sleek ultra modern looks, its action is smooth and precise. To operate the spray hose just simply squeeze the lever on the end of the spray head and it will take over from the swivel spout.

This is a high pressure product and you will require at least 2.0 bar to operate the product with a recomended pressure of 3.0bar for best performance.

RRP £1131.00 This product is on special offer and available for £871.00 from Tapstore.com